We Are Avid Tea Drinkers, No Coffee For Us

Tea drinking is a social thing to do, it sit and have a cup of tea with a friend or two.  Recently I and other friends around me have been having tea parties.  Now there are all kinds of different teas but my favorites are Black Current and Blueberry as well as Honey Lemon.  Tea drinking began at an early age for me when I would sit at the dinner table and pout tea in my milk glass and stir it with a spoon so that the glass wouldn’t crack.  I drink my tea black now and I love Tim Horton’s Steeped Tea.  My family have always sat and had tea together and many things were discussed during that period of time.  The time it takes to drink a cup or two of tea is a nice social clock as you never want to overstay your welcome.  Yes, I know, I am sounding like “Ms. Manners”!  You will often see tea cups in my artwork for it is a reminder to me and others to refresh, revitalize and socialize.  Take some time for yourself and relax.

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