The Lighten Up Team – Wild Apricots Doodle Art

The Elgin Business Women’s Network had their Success Meeting for 2012-2013 on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at the Dutton Meadows Golf Club.

What does it mean to lighten up?  It means to have fun while you are doing your volunteer role and interacting with one another and the rest of the membership.  Being women we can get so serious and take everything on our shoulders.  As volunteers we also have many other responsibilities.  To Lighten Up means it brings a sense of balance to our lives and helps us remain light, but at the same time carry out our individual responsibilities with professionalism and as a team to ensure the stability to keep our EBWN working to the best of our abilities.  The Wild Apricots software system came into our lives and it too speaks of a lighter side of life for it is such a fun name.  As members of the EBWN we are all Wild Apricots and this name has been fun to refer to the Admin. Committee as.  These are wild team mates with individuality, spunk, creativity, expertise, knowledge and a pledge of allegiance to service.  To celebrate the Admin. Team I’ve made a doodle art for them.   Thanks to all of these Wild Apricots for their volunteerism, for attending the monthly Admin. Committee Meeting, coming to facilitate, register and help at our EBWN dinner meetings, working with one another and for their on-going suggestions on behalf of the membership.  Thanks to true women leaders.

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  1. Rossile Gonzales -  

    The picture makes you happy… It has lively colors. It makes you feel relax because there are flowers in it… I like it. 🙂

    02, October 2013, 2:43am  -  

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