Surprise It’s Me Doodle Art

Surprise It’s Me

This sunflower is flourishing with Mommy Millie Bear in disguise, even at the end of the season when most are fading away and their heads are drooping and their seeds falling out, Mommy Millie Bear is steadfast, perhaps because Halloween is approaching.  With the rain the sunflowers begin to get mushy and their large stocks have to be dug out with a shovel with some muscle attached.  My Mom, Millie, was a real prankster so this is dedicated to her as she is personified as a doodle character.  She is so happy pretending to be a flower and thinks that she is pulling the wool over our eyes.  My Mom hated plants in the house and flowers that she had to tend to but she has manifested herself in the garden of her followers playing a trick and that’s just like her.


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