Share Your Heart With Those You Love

My friends are Heart Cat, Princess Lacy Gracey, Mommy Bear, Flowercat and Lu-Lu Fairy.  They live within my heart and bring me joy, faith and gratitude.  Their love opens my heart so that I may share Valentine’s love with others.  Make my family your family too and walk with us hand in hand to make the world a better place to live, work and prosper – all with love in our hearts.



By Gail McNaughton, February 14, 2012

Share your heart,

With those you love.

Open up to a richer, deeper emotion,

That is freeing, refreshing and revitalizing.

Look around you,

And see who cares for you,

And love them back,

With deep joy, faith and gratitude.

We are all loveable in our own special way,

And finding the key to unlock the heart,

Is the biggest Valentine we can give one another.

Stand up and be counted amongst the human race,

As one…

Who can share your heart,

With those you love,

And now, with those you don’t even know,

For you’ve witnessed the power of love,

And help one another,

Be a special Valentine,

Not just today but everyday.

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