Popcorn Magical Mystery Forest

It’s night and you notice the sparkle on the trees in the moonlight and then you see popcorn balls in colours of gold, yellow, black and cyan.  Up until now you would have been frightened walking in this dark forest but now that your childhood fear of visiting ghostly forests  has vanished, you see popcorn balls.  Perhaps you see nature this way because you have a sweet tooth!  You look up to see the wonderful forest for what it really is – “treats”.  Some popcorn has fallen and you are going to take a taste and that is when you discover butterscotch, licorice, maple syrup and other flavours of popcorn balls.  You invite your friends to come along too and your party starts here.


“Hi, this is really neat; you are very creative and I appreciate that as I am totally not.”
Marg Holroyd

“I liked your picture.”
Heather Smith

“Gail …. I truly like this.  I feel peaceful and this is art I like to just stare at and think good quiet thoughts.”

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