Photo of Amber Lord & Gail McNaughton

Gail McNaughton, Doodle Artist, VON Volunteer and former Recruitment Coordinator donated 60 Doodle Art Halloween Greeting Cards to go on the Meals-On-Wheels recipient trays on Halloween Monday.  Gail felt that she wanted to brighten the day of those who are receiving assistance from the VON.

In the photo, Amber is holding a frozen meal.  The VON Frozen Meals On Wheels program offers over 100 different entrees, desserts and breakfast snacks to select from.  Specialized diets are also available.

The Meals On Wheels program promotes health and supports independence by delivering nutritious, affordable meals to seniors and adults with disabilities.  Meals can be ordered for short or long term periods of time.  They benefit those who may have a difficult time cooking and shopping.

Meals to over 70 clients are delivered to clients in Middlesex-Elgin on a daily basis from several locations.

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