People don’t understand why I doodle…

People don’t understand why I doodle and place so much importance on it. It is a passion. It is how I express myself. Being intuitive you work with the universe in many ways and this is one of the greatest ways for me of expressing myself in mind, body and soul. When I doodle I am focused and when everything comes together, my artwork is done very quickly. This is also how I write poetry. A couple of my books were done in marathon time and then were complete. I never devalue what I am meant to do even if others don’t think that it is important. It is valuable and important to me or I wouldn’t spend time and energy on it and wake up passionate to draw once again. I delight in waiting for a flow of energy to engulf me to draw. I hope that something this powerful becomes a part of your life and perhaps provides you with a career or a hobby or just excites you enough to get your out of bed every morning. Art Therapy is used as a tool to help those in grief and those going through life threatening situations. Artists aren’t sick – they have found their true calling…..Gail

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