I Will Help You

“I Will Help You”

I belong to a group of 10 dynamic, supportive, caring women and we all originated at the same space in time over 25 years ago through working in the computer industry. This special doodle art called “I’ll Help You”, is to commemorate our Friendship. Mommy Millie Bear is there to help put up the Christmas Tree and the lights so there is always help around each and every corner and you never have to be alone or do things by yourself. She represents all Mothers who are here and those who have passed over. Fleecy the Golden Doodle Dog, Calvin Fox, Sally Spider, Happy Cat on the Steps, Flowercat in the hanging Picture and the Angel, Angelica, on top of the tree all look on. Calvin Fox represents our Fathers, small in size in the doodle art, but mighty in stature and key figures in our lives. The other animals are our friends, neighbours, family, particularly our siblings and the rest of the world – those acquaintances including angels and fairies. We sip tea, we drink wine and we dine together in the spirit of community and sisterhood. We are there to help one another. Sometimes we are better at it than other times and we learn to help by listening, showing empathy, understanding and compassion. We find joy in the evolution of our lives and entangle more each time we meet, write or e-mail, even though some of us have moved away. Distance is only a footstep away and the Welcome Mat is front and centre in each of our homes. We keep a candle burning and we watch the days of our lives pass by on the calendar, through the passing of the seasons and watching our clocks – days, weeks and finally years add up – all those seconds add up to minutes, to hours and 24 hours flies by and then 365 days are upon us. We are eternal. We give one anther “the gift of time” when we try and get together on a monthly basis. Christmas is special as we reunite once again. We are like a “teacup” and each of us contains the “spirit within” to be fruitful to humanity and especially our fellow girlfriends. The name of each FEX is on the limbs of the coniferous tree for we are jewelled, sparkly ornaments who blossom and glitter and our branches are sturdy and steadfast, gentle enough to hold a baby or a pet and strong enough to support the trials and tribulations of life. The woman putting up the tree represents “Any Woman” (woman of the world) who needs help. We are a body of spirit, soul and heart and the feminine presence in the world as friend, mother, colleague, sister, grandmother, etc. is ever present. It is joyous to be a woman in 2011 and beyond. We wish power, grace, wisdom, compassion, love and joy for each woman in the world.

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