Graffiti Flower Garden

Graffiti Flower Garden
By Gail McNaughton

I have added numerous flowers on top of the rug which may or may not be apparent to you. I am leaving the flowered masking tape border as it is as it blends with the rug. The turquoise/green (wool blanket) was given to me by a Mennonite woman where my Aunt lives. My sister gave me the orange plaid that goes around the yellow flannel flowered material as this was the last of curtains my Dad had in his office downtown Toronto, years ago. The blue flowers are made out of a shrunk sweater. The red and pink flowers I made with my Daisy Hazel’s Loom that I’ve had for 30 or more years. There are small mounds and these have silk scarves hooked in them and blue/turquoise flannel (blanket) hooked around each. The sunflower has both wool and silk scarves in it surrounded by the yellow flowered flannel material. This has been hooked on burlap that had a pattern on it that I purchased at a local nursery. This burlap is for wrapping trees or other uses. To date, this is the most eccentric rug hooking that I’ve made and it has been hours of work. I am calling it “Graffiti Flower Garden”. As I am a Doodle Artist, “Graffiti” is a form of Doodling.

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