Easter Love

Easter Love

April 2, 2012, By Gail McNaughton

It is a time of sharing

A time of caring

A time of eating wonderful treats

Instead of celery and red beets.

It is a magical time for children

Hunting for eggs

A time to spend in church

Tasting communion and not lake perch.

It is a time of festive parades

A time of family gatherings

Of getting together over scrumptious food

With lots of chocolate to keep a good mood.

It is a time to pour love like water

A time to invite friends over

A time to experience harmony and peace

To look at photos with nephews and many a niece.

It is a time of wonderful weather

A time for bright sky so blue

The bright sunshine will warm you all over

Enjoy a roll in the sweet smelling clover.

It is a time to notice

Nature and bunnies all around you

And being pulled out of hats

So beware of any inquisitive cats.

They are so adventurous and curious

May play tricks, scurry and run

Or hide in a hat

And magically pop out as a furry rat.

Of dear, this would scare everyone away

So if this takes place

Best grab hens and chickens

Put on your running shoes and race.

Your Easter can be spent

Anywhere you please

For me,  just pass the chiffon cake

Dripped in butter and icing sugar that you make.

We’ll have a glorious time

Sharing love with one another

So sit at God’s table with us as a guest

Enjoy your Easter dinner

And let us do the rest.

Enjoy Love, Freedom, Joy and Truth which are our highest passions for all of mankind, the animal world as well as the plant kingdom.

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